About Us

Royal Ayar Creative & Construction

Company Overview

Royal Ayar Creative & Construction Co.,Ltd was opened in 4th January, 2013. At present, our company exists No (64-E) Maharbandola Street, Pathein Township, Ayeyarwady Region.

Ours purpsoe is to develop the Ayeyarwady Region at the affordable sector from regional to state, again, from state to international.


Our handle motto is 

  • To be modernized design and work
  • To be sure to have high quality
  • To be accomplished in time.

Mostly, our company is prefroming the relevant of education, health, social, governement offices, rural clinics, 16-bedded hospitals, night shelter, such as buildings, Solar system works, exposure of systematic fields, concerning rural development work, etc. Our Company is incorporated by exhaustive staffs, motor vehicle & mechanisms, sand & river shingle trade field, cosntruction mateial shop, wokshops, recommendations of governments. Again, our company is donated at the place of religious, educational and social organization. At present, donated amount is (143,544,000) kyats. Our company have many experiences such as concerning with R.C.C & Steel Structure buildings, 16-bedded hospitals, solar system works and rural development works.

In conclusion, our company is trying to develop the region with the government. Moreover, we submit earnestly to perform the works underlies of the good will at the future.